Solutions We Offer

Secure Webhosting

All websites we host come with SSL (secure socket layer). This means your website will have the padlock security feature banks have with starting https protocol so that fraudsters can’t hi-jack or eavesdrop on your site. Earn dollars right from your website through Google Ads when you host with us. Our sites are hosted using Amazon cloud service which gives you the best performance, control and flexibility, with the most minimal downtime, if any at all. Whatever the type of site or web application you or your organisation dreams of, consider it done. All these at a very affordable price.

Mobile Apps

The mobile phone has revolutionised everyday communication. We offer development of Android and iOS apps at great value. Clients have the option to synchronize their mobile apps with their websites or make them standalone.

Hosted Web Apps

Why not host your very own web application on our platform? If you have a great idea, we can translate it into codes and host on our platform, saving you the cost of hosting all on your own. You may choose to charge users or make it available for free.

Advertise with us, Google or Social Media

A great product deserves a great platform to showcase it. Advertise your products and services on our website and get value for your money. Get alerts when potential customers click on your ad. You may also choose to have your adverts on Google or social media platforms with analysis of the performance of your ad sent to you periodically.


Artificial Intelligence will be evident in everything of the future. It is ubiquitous. We shall be offering Machine Learning tools to aid productivity of our users and clients. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and provides a reliable way of making predictions about things or categorising items (known or unknown), based on their characteristics, after learning from many other previous examples.

Third-Party Software Integration

Even though the world is shifting towards cloud services, there are instances when you may need third-party or off-the-shelf software to be deployed or integrated at your facility. Such services are available for many software packages, with careful onboarding and training to accompany them.

Free Consulting

Will you like to know more about our services or just have general or specific questions about your IT considerations answered? Please, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help, at no charge. Alternatively, you can chat with Ann, our specialist chatbot.

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